Solid Thinking Creates Solid Solutions
We extract
crucial info
complex data
We ask
tough questions
and get to the heart
of the problem
We rescue projects
where non-completion
is not an option
Why STC?
We've worked with tech leaders around the globe
Adapted and streamlined processes
for companies sized from 5 - 5,500 employees
Time, Human and Material savings measured in hundreds of millions
More than 200 combined years experience in training,
commercial industries, and leading defense projects
Our projects have created more than $2 billion in new business for clients
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Failure-Proof Your Projects & Programs
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Powerful Proposals & Technical Writing
Solving Wickedly Tough Problems
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Meet Mack McKinney, President of STC

Mack’s enthusiasm for building workable systems, and his first-hand experience in doing that, are unparalleled. He has spent 36 years in defense, beginning with 8 years as an Air Force Air Battle Manager officer (combat radar controller). After the USAF he spent 16 years at Westinghouse Defense and Northrop Grumman and was awarded US patents in hyperspectral sensing and radar processing. He then spent 8 years as part owner of Research Associates of Syracuse working on signals intelligence projects.  He launched Solid Thinking Corporation and began teaching Technical CONOPS in the US and Europe in 2004.

Mack picked up his philosophy of working backwards (starting with the end goal and then working back to the beginning) from his parents, as well as his “what-if” questioning technique when pondering risks and considering multiple courses of action. He also learned to treat people with respect and courtesy, and to speak simply and plainly, both crucial skills that have served him well in his Government and corporate careers.

Seeing the potential, thinking through the problem and implementing a solution have always been Mack’s strengths, and now they can be yours, too. Contact Solid Thinking Corporation today and let us make your complex problem simple!

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Seeing the potential, solving the problem and implementing a solution have always been Mack's strengths, and now they can be yours too.

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