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"I wanted to take the time to thank you for hosting a great course. We have already begun to implement the OPCON for some design in [deleted]. I am very interested in the licensing and consulting for projects so any additional information would be great. . . . I hope all is well and look forward to a continued relationship "

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Welcome to Solid Thinking Corporation

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STC Lead Consulting with US Army Hunter UAS User

Solid Thinking Corporation (STC) is dedicated to building better systems and capabilities, faster, for US and Coalition warfighters and first responders.  We specialize designing, training, supporting, using, buying and upgrading complex systems. We specialize in Concepts of Operations (CONOPS) development, Project Management/Leadership training courses and we teach additional courses in Building Strong Relationships, Working With Americans and Working With Non-Americans, and Working on Multi-Generational Teams. On this website you can learn more about Operating Concepts (OpCons), Operational Concept Descriptions (OCDs), our training and consulting work, our GSA schedule for professional engineering services (PES 871-2) and our other training courses. We welcome your comments about any of the products or services we offer (contact info is always in the upper right of the page).  References are provided upon request. 

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NONE of Us is as Smart as ALL of Us!

We accept consulting engagements, short or long term, to help you build thorough, actionable CONOPS, and to help your people work on teams composed of multiple cultures and/or several generations.  We can hold courses at your facility or at ours and we are pleased to bring our training courses to you at your facilities. We can provide assistance on very short notice and at any security classification you require.

STC also licenses to other firms its entire approach to Concepts of Operations and its training courses. A license can include the ability to use all STC templates for your customers; consulting support from STC for any especially difficult challenges you encounter; facilitation of internal or external CONOPS meetings with your clients and partners; immediate access to new materials and tools as they are developed at STC (often before they are taught in the courses); the opportunity for your CONOPS practitioners to teach your clients CONOPS-building techniques alongside STC’s instructors; access to STC’s Licensee-Only web site full of tips and techniques for building and pricing CONOPS, and if desired, expert help from STC in merging the CONOPS-centric, CONOPS-driven approach with your organization’s proprietary R&D, product-development and business development/marketing processes.

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